The Future of Customer Experience Technology

LiveXchange provides innovative solutions, revolutionizing how you source, train, manage and compensate top CX talent.

Secure WorkSpace

Instantly transforms any device into a PCI Level 1 CERTIFIED secure workstation

GigCX Marketplace

A platform to access global talent and a full suite of workforce management tools.


Integrated payment system seamlessly paying global talent with one invoice

Uncover insights from 100% of customer interactions to maximize frontline team performance, and drive outcomes across the business.

  • 17% reduction in AHT
  • 55% customer sentiment improvement
  • 15% improvement in compliance adherence


Speech technology that has pioneered real-time accent translation with minimal latency that deploys locally as a desktop app. The in-built speech conversion models maintain emotion, intonation, pitch, and prosody.

  • Improves understanding by 31% and customer satisfaction by 21%.
  • Compatible with 800+ communication apps
  • Currently utilized by 250+ enterprise customers across the globe.


Provides automated role-play and AI-based coaching. It simulates real-world scenarios to prepare customer support talent for interactions with customers, delivering over 40% improvement in speed to proficiency while using fewer internal resources.

  • Increase speed to proficiency by over 30% and cut training time by 50%.
  • Double-digit improvement in employee retention and cut resource costs by over 33%.
  • Reinforce training and personalized coaching at scale with targeted feedback to pinpoint areas of improvement.