Endpoint Security at the Speed of Now

Get your remote workers up and running in a secure virtual environment in less than a minute.

Security Made Simple

Leveraging this state of the art technology has never been easier or more cost-effective.

Instantly transform any remote pc into a PCI Level 1 Certified secure workstation.


Secure and Compliant Endpoints

Transforms any device into a PCI Level 1 CERTIFIED secure workstation in seconds.
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Reduce Cost

Get workers up, and running without increasing your desktop support staff or sending out hardware.
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Speed to Deploy

Instantly leverage the benefits of a global on-demand workforce, without the need to increase support staff.
Secure Network

Secure Network

Secure WorkSpace technology ensures endpoint protection from any unauthorized access or third-party attack.


Secure Network

  • Firewall
  • VPN
  • Geo IP Tracking
  • Fraud checking for shared PCs/IP
  • Not bootable in Virtual Environment
  • WiFi opt-in
  • All network traffic encrypted
  • Not listening on any outside parts
  • null
Secure Desktop

Secure Desktop

SWS's secure desktop feature ensures that regardless of the type of hardware your gig workers are using, the device can adequately maintain advanced software and securely access operating systems and data your organization relies on to deliver superior customer service. 

Secure Desktop

  • Anti-Virus
  • Immune to local PC security threats - no HD
  • Read-only image with encryption
  • Dumb terminal with no stored secrets
  • USB unique ID assigned per user account
  • Hardened from keylogging screen scraping, etc
  • Runs as unprivileged user
  • Secure Boot Enabled
  • No editing local PC boot settings
  • PCI (Level 1) Certified & CIS hardened
  • A low list of USB peripherals (USB-compatible)
  • No uncontrolled 3rd party updates
Cloud Management

Cloud Management

Enable your team to efficiently, effectively, and securely make changes, updates, and perform testing in one centrally managed zero-trust cloud environment.

Cloud Management

  • Management Portal
  • Cloud Authentication - MFA
  • Cloud Authorization
  • Cloud Accounting - centralized log management
  • Cloud configuration - make changes quickly to all instances including testing and staging
  • Security Patching - pushed from cloud on boot


Secure Workspace turns any hardware into a PCI Level 1 CERTIFIED device in seconds. 


  • High Performance USB3 - boots quickly
  • Runs well on low end hardware
  • Boot to login under 30 seconds
  • Realtime monitoring of performance stats
Desktop Features

Desktop Features

Remotely view and manage your endpoints with full visibility and transparency. 

Desktop Features

  • VDI clients (Citrix, Horizon, Azure, AWS, etc)
  • Speed Test
  • Hardware profiling
  • Browser white list
  • Deny All - Apps and Web
  • Soft Phone
  • Remote support desktop sharing


Secure Workspace enables your organization to eliminate the cost of shipping, tracking, and monitoring remote endpoint devices.


  • No shipping of hardware
  • Secure Remote imaging
  • No support needed for users onboarding - plugin and boot

We were amazed at the advanced technology of SecureWorkspace and the transparency it gave us to track internet speed and the geolocation of gig workers.

Head of CX

Secure WorkSpace made it simple and easy to ensure that all gig workers had the tools they needed to do the job in a secure environment and saved us over 40% on overall operational costs.

VP Customer Service
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Security at the Speed of Now

LiveXchange's SercureWorkspace technology instantly turns any hardware into a PCI Level 1 CERTIFIED device. It connects talent to your private network via our secure VPN, encrypts their connection, assures compliance, and blocks locally stored files and applications.

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