The Globalized Gig Workforce

Gig workers, regardless of geography, are continuously carving their own niche, forcing companies to rethink recruiting, mobility, and flexibility, making it impossible for them to be ignored as part of the world’s labor solution of the future

Discerning organizations are quickly recognizing that access to global labor must be a part of their long-term staffing strategy. Competition for talent, high attrition rates and pressures on margins will not be solved solely by relying on nearshore talent.

Organizations willing to explore a global talent model, have the ability to:

  • Access global talent, working from home through secure technology, on an integrated platform
  • Stay ahead of the competition for talent
  • Overcome age-old staffing challenges such as nights and weekends, through continuous business operations, working around the clock, regardless of the time zone
  • Easily scale up or down sustainably, to deliver customer service in a timely manner
  • Benefit from highly skilled and educated workers who understand the value of high-quality customer interactions
  • Gain efficiencies in retention and productivity, from having access to multiple streams of talent globally
  • Remain competitive in an ever-evolving global economy

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The Future of Customer Care Depends on Global Talent Acquisition

LiveXchange has over 15 years of building successful communities of gig workers across various international geos (locations).  Working within the compliance and regulatory requirements for each geo, we offer ready-to-work, remote-enabled, and skilled customer service CSRs, working on our secure platform. They can be integrated seamlessly with existing programs, backfilling scheduling gaps, augmenting core in-house programs, or used to scale up short-term campaigns.

Our clients, that have implemented a global talent model, are not only benefitting from staffing efficiency gains such as retention, adherence to schedule, and access to multiple streams of talent pools; they are also reporting improved customer service experiences, higher than average net promoter scores, financial wins in the form of higher average checks.

“If you set the environment right, every single one of us can do remarkable things”.
– Jack Welch, Culture Drives Results

The globalized gig worker is informed, equipped, astute, and industrious. They want to be treated with the same respect and fairness afforded to the employee model. Additionally, they want their talent to be viewed as critical to operational outcomes.

Industry-leading organizations recognize that worker experience is a tangible measure of their cost reduction strategy, particularly in the current environment of high attrition rates.

GigCX provides a unique tailored approach to global talent acquisition which allows organizations to seamlessly integrate this labor model. Including:

  • Candidate screening and selection in offshore geos.
  • Technical and WFH environment readiness
  • Customer service certified
  • Quick onboarding experience
  • Working with our clients to implement empowering engagement programs and treating a global talent pool as an extension/augmentation of their current customer service function.

Setting up this infrastructure, where people are made to feel that they are a valued part of the company culture and part of something bigger than themselves, has been key to our client’s ability to achieve measurable success.  In return, they are benefitting from a workforce that is reliable, loyal, and takes pride in being given the opportunity to provide value.

The labor landscape has been irrevocably changed. The talent acquisition and retention pressures are unlikely to abate without new thinking, an innovative mindset, and being open to exploring this global talent model as a staple solution to delivering excellent customer care delivery.

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This article was written by Cheryl Myrskog, VP Of Global Operations Development at LiveXchange. If you are interested in connecting with her and learning more about GigCX click here.