How to Reduce Ramp-Up Time When You Need to Boost CX

How quickly can your business launch a new product or service? One of the most common constraints is the ramp-up time for the customer service team. If you are launching a big new offer or product, customer interactions will go through the roof – so you need to ramp up the team first. 

But how long does that take? 

Advertising jobs online, screening applicants, testing them, interviewing them, onboarding them, and going through basic training until they reach the point where they can sit in front of customers. They might not be operating at total capacity, but at least they can be on the team and improving. 

Even with this kind of almost-ready team, the timeline is probably months. 

There is an entirely different way to think about staffing a customer service team that can almost eliminate this ramp time or significantly reduce it.

It’s GigCX – the GigCX Marketplace. 

Thousands of customer service advisers are fully trained in the technology they need to use to work within a virtual contact center. It is possible to scan all of them to see if any have worked for your company before. If so, invite them back on a GigCX basis so you rapidly build a bench of available talent to ramp up your customer service team. 

It’s even possible to find people who have worked for similar companies. One food delivery app is usually quite similar to all the others, so if that’s what you need, you can also make offers to everyone who has worked with your rivals. Bring them all onto the GigCX team. 

There is no need for screening or interviews – they have a track record. You can immediately have an entire team of people, ready to go into the final stage of training before going in front of your customers. 

Almost the entire ramp-up process can be bypassed if you can quickly build a GigCX team with previous experience of your own company and those who have worked for similar companies.  

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This doesn’t mean you must replace your existing customer experience team. Keep your core team as they are. The GigCX team can be layered on top to pick up the additional workload, handle unsocial hours, and add the flexibility you need when something like a product launch happens. 

GigCX allows an existing CX team to become highly flexible, but it can also happen quickly. Think days, not months. 

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