GigCX Can Create Gains By Leveraging The FX Market

One of the key advantages with GigCX is the ability to hire from anywhere. This has some immediate advantages that can be summarized as:

  • Raise the bar: if you can search the entire world for talent then you can raise your expectations. You are no longer trying to recruit for a contact center on the edge of town that has to manage with an unreliable bus network. Hire from anywhere and you can choose the best.
  • Find the fans: why not bring some influencers into your support team? Find your fans on Instagram and ask if they want to get paid to help your customers. You can literally hire fans of your products to talk to and help other customers. Imagine what this can also do for your marketing and visibility – now your fans will love your products even more because they get paid just for talking about them.
  • Resilience: by widely distributing your customer service function you naturally build resistance into your customer service network. How would a contact center cope with the disruption faced recently in Texas? It’s safer to spread the work around the 50 states – and even beyond.

But there is another, more directly financial, advantage that I haven’t mentioned before and this is foreign exchange. If you build up a bench of GigCX agents and they are distributed across both the US and Canada then you can take advantage of currency fluctuations and choose which agents to prioritize.

It’s just one additional benefit that is available when you start thinking beyond the contact center and exploring GigCX. Not only can you seek out the best people with deep insight into your products, you can choose where they are located. This can have a direct material impact on your operation, releasing funds that can be used elsewhere in the business – or just creating much-needed savings from operational costs.

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