Is Your Customer Service Suffering These Symptoms?

I’ve spent a long time thinking about how to explain LiveXchange to the companies that might benefit from our platform. In fact, I even created a list of ‘symptoms’ – after we just spent a year and a half all watching out for potential COVID symptoms this seems like a valid approach.

If you are managing the customer service processes for your organization then do any of these symptoms sound familiar?

  • Seasonal volume spikes (holidays, retail sales, open enrollment, tax season, summer travel etc.) Are there times of the year when your customer service team can’t manage even with all hands on deck, more overtime, and vacation bans?
  • Difficult shifts that nobody wants to work – such as weekends, nights, or holidays.
  • Short volume spikes – such as a massive increase in volume at lunchtime
  • Below traditional staffing levels – if you only get one or two enquiries every hour then how do you staff that customer service function? You can’t ignore those customers, but can you just pay people to sit waiting?

Any company with any one of these symptoms should certainly explore how GigCX might be able to help. This applies even more if the training period for your customer service team is relatively short – under two weeks – and you are focusing on areas such as retail, travel, consumer electronics, Healthcare (non-licensed), Technology, eCommerce, or New Economy/Disruptor verticals.

Many companies that I talk to still confuse GigCX and platforms like LiveXchange as BPO or outsourcing – like you are outsourcing customer service to a contact center company. Let’s make it really clear!

  1. You are not outsourcing to an outsourcer. LiveXchange is a technology marketplace that brings both the “gig” labor and the technology to enable these people to engage with the customer.
  2. LiveXchange is NOT managing these people YOU are. They are under the same operating model that you use today to manage your direct employees.

You have full visibility and control over the entire process (Recruiting, Training, Workforce, Operational oversight). We partner you up with people on our staff to assist, but you are in full control.

So if your company faces any of those symptoms then ask yourself, what if we could add a platform on top of our existing processes that allows us to tap into additional customer service resources as and when it is needed. It doesn’t replace your existing team or processes – you aren’t outsourcing anything.

Suddenly those unusual shifts will be easier to fill because you can staff your team using resources across the entire country. You can handle those products when support is infrequent by paying an agent each time they answer a call, rather than for the time waiting for a customer to call. You can build up the team ready to manage the spikes in business, even without changing the team inside your own office.

Seasonal spikes really don’t have to be a problem any longer. Are you already planning for Black Friday and the end of year rush? Check the links below and see how a platform-based GigCX approach might answer all your questions.

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